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Debt, Debt, and more Debt

Student loans. The total student loan debt in the US is between $902 Billion and $1 Trillion. The average student now graduates with $30,000 in debt. For one degree. Most students will need to take student loans to make it through school, but do we have to take quite so much? Instead of going to an out of state private school for $46,000/year, why not go to a state school, or even community college for $10,000, even if just for the first 2 years? And for you state school students, stop taking out more than you need. Take enough for tuition, fees, room and board, but do we really need to take the maximum amount so that you can go on fabulous vacations for spring break and go to Ulta every other week? If you want to do that, get a job.

Speaking of jobs, why are we working at retail our entire college careers? The jobs you work at during your college career should somewhat be related to the career you think you want. “But Kelsy, most internships don’t pay, or pay very little” If the internships in your area does not pay, then look into getting a job in that industry unrelated to the actual job you want. Whaaa?!?! If you want to be a lawyer, get a part time job as a law secretary or file clerk, if you want to go into marketing, or life insurance, get a job at the security desk of the firm, or the call center. This will open up more opportunities for you in the long run because:

1) you will already have been in the industry for 3-4 years by the time you finish school

2) you now have contacts so even if there are no openings when you graduate, they may be able to give you a glowing reference for another firm 3) they might even pay for part or all of your schooling or continued education if needed. Let’s open our eyes and think outside the box.

Even if it means you only work summers because that’s all the time you have (which, let’s face it, you have more time than you say you do, since most of college is procrastinating) studies have shown that students who do 2-3 non academic activities while taking classes have higher GPAs on average than students who just take classes. Why? Because the more free time you have, the more you are going to procrastinate, and if you are actually working in the industry you are taking classes in, you have a better understanding of the topics being discussed and can be more involved in your assignments.

So, instead of taking on oodles of debt with no experience and struggling to pay off your loans with a minimum wage or entry level job, let's try to get that experience while we are in school so we are actually qualified for the positions we want, and take less debt so we don't have that additional strain of a $500 student loan payment on top of rent, food, gas, groceries, car insurance, and trying to have a life. Let's start being proactive about this major investment in our future and reduce the stress on ourselves in the long run. College is one of the biggest investments you will make in your lifetime. Don't waste it flunking classes. Book a private tutoring session with one of our trusted Academic Advisors today.

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