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Getting the Job

Trying to get a job after graduating college is so frustrating. You feel as if you have no experience because you have spent the last few years sitting in a classroom answering questions and discussing theories in a vacuum. Now's the time to put what you've learned into reality. But there are hidden experience and transferable skills in your classes. When you write your resume, go back and look at those summaries we talked about in my last post, and use whatever experiences match the job you are applying to best. The same goes for extracurricular activities.

If you join the debate team, but you don’t like talking in front of people, or doing research, or writing a speech, you have two options, accept that a career in the legal field may not be for you, or work to overcome that weakness. My philosophy is to work on your strengths and be the best at that, but to each his own. Try to look for clubs and activities that you enjoy, not what you think will be the most impressive, because you could become a leader in that club, and those skills will be more attractive to a future job than being a basic member in a club that “fits the field” if you show leadership, that is more likely to get you where you want to go. For example, the president of the campus activities club will probably be involved in event planning, budgeting, ordering supplies, time management, and delegating. You would be surprised how many industry jobs value those skills, the ability to take charge and get things done on a potentially ambiguous assignment.

Try to have a diverse portfolio of activities, unless you are on an athletic scholarship, don’t just do sports. Do one sport competitively, and join the student government, or work on campus, or be a Resident Advisor, something that shows you are versatile and can adapt to different roles and environments. Hiring managers want to see initiative. As long as you can explain why certain aspects of the job fits the job you are applying for, you will be fine. Life after college does not have to be so stressful, we just have to be more prepared and match what we have done to what they are looking for. That's why at College and Beyond Consulting, we help you to create an Academic game plan for your career goals, so that when graduation time comes along, you are already ahead of the game. Book an Academic Counseling Session with us today to speak with one of our trusted Academic Advisors so you are not left behind at graduation.

"May the Odds be Ever in You're Favor"

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