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Holistic Approach to Goal Setting

Trying to maintain balance in your life can be really stressful! It's easy to get overwhelmed, over commit yourself, and end up not doing as well in all metrics. When setting a goal, it's important to make sure the goal is realistic for your life, especially if you are using SMART goals. This will make it easier to actually meet the goals you set for yourself. Looking at 3-8 areas of your life will help you to determine the areas you need to adjust, whether it's realistic, and how they fit together.

For example, School, Work, Social Life and Physical Health. If you have a goal for each things for the semester, you want to get straight As, get promoted to assistant manager, hang out with friends once a week, and workout 3 times a week. Think about how you will manage all of those things without overextending yourself. Look ahead at your week and see what classes you have, any assignments due that week, social obligations you may have, and when your shifts are. Start small, with weekly goals and see if that is realistic t your lifestyle.

After about a month you will know whether this is something you can maintain, need to decrease, or are able to increase certain things. Using something like a life balance wheel can help you see the different areas of your life you may want to improve, or where you are happy. Applying to college is also a pretty huge goal and is a time consuming process. Remember to set goals and understand when important deadlines are so that you can stay ahead in the application process. We are here to help with anything you need. Schedule a consult with us if you need help with planning, applying to, or choosing the right school!

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